Detailing Corner

This is going to be a page that is curiously dedicated to all things detailing.
Funny that eh....

If and when i grab something from the ole kit bag or beg steal or borrow a sample,ill add a review of sorts and maybe add a guide here and there.

Detailing the dirty word!!

Detailing itself is a weird and wonderful thing in that the term 'detailing' has seemingly become yet another import to our shores from the states and if anything poshes up the way we look at valeting.

But there are some who will be quick to remind you that the divide between valeting and detailing is vast.

I prefer to look at it like this....your both detailing but one is more into it as a science as well as skilled job and it is skilled indeed.
A valeter might have got the right buy on bulk juices for the task ahead and got some brushes and all kinds of potions to make something shine for a day or 2.

I think a detailer is very much the same thing but has spent more time and care researching it and elevating it from a £25 session into something more accurate and specialised.
When you get to respect the customer and his specific car,you then learn the way the paint reacts to certain products,you realise some people just want more!?

To clarify for the risk of being stoned alive.Im not suggesting that a valeter isnt a skilled man who doesnt give it his all.Im just saying a detailer if there is such a thing,is someone who takes it to the next level.
Who actually puts the expensive time into...well,the details.