Sunday, 21 March 2010

Performance Ford Vs Fastford

Ok so we know these are the UK's 2 leading ford mags.What they offer seems to differ from sheer brute force to more accessible cars.

But lets get one thing straight from the get go.There does seem to be a divide in the buying public for these publications and from all the comments ive read over the years,it isnt just 2 camps of people.Its more like three.

So who are you???

1:the complete motor sport big budget track nut who wants to see more of the same.
they relate directly to big budget,big boost crazy ass cars is seemingly no limit.

2:the aspiring owner who owns just about any spec ford but likes to read the above and aspires to own something very special.

3:the day to day car owner who modifies to a budget and has a respectable fast road car.this owner relates more to features that are within reach.

So what i have found now,is you are constantly pulling in one of two main directions which is clearly the unreachable motors and the very accessible with a little saving and a lot of home grown talent.

If you go too strongly in either direction,you alienate the other group.And if you strike a balance,there are still those who are literally counting off whos featuring and what type of car it is.

Im standing firmly on the side that says a mixture of everything is best and to behonest i feel the comments of late are innaccurate and out of date!!!

The mags have evolved as the cars have changed in line up.People arent tolerating just RS and cosworth features anyway.The new wave of ST cars has swept the board and the focus RS has carved out a deserved place for itself albeit largely unfeatured as of yet as a modified car.

Ive been very lucky in that 3 of my main projects in a row have gained a feature and ive been asked many times what would make a feature car??
Hoenstly?? i havent got a clue other than to follow your gut feeling on something and dont be too aggresive with your ideas.

Dont be dated before its had a chance to shine.Be clear what your after and then slowly and surely build it up.

Lots of fine detail always wins over rather than big bolshy add ons.A car that you have to stand back and appreciate due to its accumalated features is far more credible than a big lairy paint job and a huge body kit.

There are cars that havent been featured heavily and this will always stand in your favour.Cars that are otherwise seen as dull or middle of the road also play the under dog card and therefore what you go and do will have an automatic impact.

The sheer fact is,dare to be different needs to be thought out and this can never be rushed.Its not a race!!!! The more complex the process was to accomplish a modmeans it stands a chance of not being duplicated nation wide in the blink of an eye too.

I personally found the following to be true:

Be completely open to all ideas and search far and wide.World wide searching for inspiration and even twisting existing ideas that didnt come together right on other motors.

Wheels maketh the car or so they say.This to me pins down the whole look.The wrong choice means your fighting against a style that they are dicatating.
Dont stick on massive motor sport wheels if you want a euro dub look cos it will take a genius to make the clash go together.
Unless this is your big idea in the first place,choose wisely.

Once the right set of wheels have been pinned down,think about how subtle or how agressive the overall look will be.Take your time choosing all manner of ideas.

The ride height of any car can massively chance its look.even down to an inch at a time it can start to look very different.
Exhausts send out a message and some times classic ideas are best followed,too many mixed model shapes and designs can elevate the car to a more fad status rather than well thought out.

If you want a cheap project dont worry.It can be done and usually come off looking just as good if not better,than a lot of expensive builds.

But crucially,everything you add must be perfect.No scratchs,digs,cuts,blemishes,scuffs,marring etc.If you want anyone to take seriously what you have done,make it the best you can do.follow guides,ask for help and re do a bad job till its right.

i have put my money where my mouth is numerous times and the lasest one is my rear lights.

there not perfect so guess what?? i bought another set masked them up,polished them and added the carbon they ARE perfect and no one will find any flaw of any kind in them.factory spec modified and thats my term lol even if the mags are pushing OEM+ 1

If you spend several 1000 and leave the rust bubbles,more fool you.
always clean the car up when you kick off.The better the paint,the better the base you have to create something.

Even this can be done in stages so you can save for one area and move onto another.

my bottom line on this is,feature cars are chosen because you have the passion and its clear to see.Ive been critisised once or twice for over posting pics or getting too carried away updating it but imo this is what people thrive on.

Its what i thrive on when i see all the cars online.If someone is so excited about something so simple,then im usually hooked!!! If its a cheque book car that doesnt have the personal attachment of the average Joe on the street,then it usaually leaves people cold cos they cant relate.

I like to think people relate to me cos they know i work silly hours,sacrifice so much and work so hard on getting it right.i appreciate each and every car thats online as long as its done with conviction and belief.

Now the clincher.If you dont submit your cars,how will anyone know to feature it??

i have this gem straight from the editor of PF when we were chatting at my last feature shoot.

He said in no uncertain terms,they arent getting enough every day fast road cars cos you arent sending them in!!! so how can they broaden the publication with some balanced motors.its up to you!!!! so get stuck in,believe in yourself and your vision and see it thru.

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